Progress On Intel GMA 950 64bit Kexts...

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  1. Luis Oliveira

    Luis Oliveira New Member

    Hi there,

    great fan of all the work the os x hackers have done for support for old Macs,

    Currently I have a Mac mini late 2006 1.1 , core2duo 2.0, firmware updated to 2.1, with 4gb of ram and an 120 ssd with OS X Mountain Lion installed with Macpostinstaller.

    I have tried installing os x mavericks, no wifi (but I can live with just lan), problem is the graphics kext, only recognizes 10mb of vram.

    Tried yosemite as well but it only works immediately after installation, when you reboot it loses usb capability, and freezes on login account...

    Has there been any kind of progress in this front? Or is it going to be a lost cause?

    Thanks for everything.
  2. Jsndll738

    Jsndll738 New Member Staff Member

    Looks like MCPF got rejected by the firmware update. I would suggest booting into the recovery partition and using the "rehack" method to reinstall the kexts.

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