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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by admin, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. admin

    admin Isiah Johnson (Admin) Staff Member

    This is a bit of a test... We are still working on setting up the Forums and everything in related to security.

    If you just joined the OSXH Forum, reply and introduce yourself.

    I am truly excited to give all users another chance at developing the OS X Hackers Community. This Forum allows users from across the world to actively discuss our patches, their hardware, and more.

    I will look into more ideas for topic discussion categories for unrelated Apple / Hackintosh topics.

    this could fail miserably if no one replies but let\'s give it a shot.

    Isiah Johnson
    OS X Hackers Developer / Webmaster
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  2. cmer

    cmer New Member

    Hi, I'm cmer,

    I used to be an active member of the Hackintosh-Community about 10 years ago. Nowadays I tend to just use Macs, but once in a while I like hacking around a bit.

    I'm based in Berlin, Germany.

  3. MontelES

    MontelES New Member

    Hello, My name is Montel and I am a college student act ODU. I use to work on Jailbreaking and repairing iPods and iPhones then I stopped for a while. I've had MacBooks since 2014 starting with a 2011 unibody white and upgraded to an aluminum 13inch pro a few months later, now I have a Late 2013. I came across MacPostFactore because I bought a Late-2006 for my little brother and wanted to put Yosemite up there for him so he can be like the cool kids :D
  4. wilson877

    wilson877 New Member

    Hi, I'm Wayne. I live in the UK and have a MacBook 4,1 (mid 2008, 2.4Ghz C2D, 4GB ram and gma x3100 graphics)
    It has a problem with the screen, backlight flickering which I'm going to address in the very near future. Once done I intend to install a newer OS Yosemite or El Capitan if I can
  5. Eduardo Márquez

    Eduardo Márquez New Member

    Hi there to everyone! My name is Eduardo and I give support to a community of Mac users on a Enterprise. Lately I'm trying to help people to get their Mac's up to date on hardware. Actually I'm making tests to install newer OS on vintage and discontinued Mac's to give them a little more technological life.
  6. wilson877

    wilson877 New Member

    2 days ago, i think i would have been leaning on you to install an up to date OS, however, while sorting the screen issue on my Mac i must have done something to The logic board because it seem to be completely dead now!
  7. Macfield

    Macfield New Member

    Hi Isiah,

    Not sure I qualify to be around the forums (am not an advanced Mac user) but I have been learning a lot as of late with discovering I could update the OS on my 2007 MacBook.

    Using MLPostFactor I am finally running Mountain Lion and am looking to upgrade to Mavericks or Yosemite, but having trouble installing.

    Thanks for your work, I hope this forum kicks off eventually. I'll stick around to learn something new from time to time.

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